5G Americas president urges Congress to help with spectrum, net neutrality – Light Reading

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You’ll find no more upbeat advocate on the subject of 5G than Chris Pearson. In this video, Pearson recaps his Network X Americas keynote and discusses the work still ahead for the telecom industry to realize 5G’s potential fully.

He also discusses the need for Congress and the federal government to pay more attention to spectrum licensing and to restore spectrum auction authority to the FCC. Pearson wrote earlier this year that the US is positioned 13th of 15 leading global markets regarding available, licensed midband spectrum, citing data from the CTIA.

In this interview, he doubles down on the need for midband spectrum. He explains why it’s necessary to complete the full suite of services carriers can offer to make 5G a significant economic contributor.

“The US can be a leader in global communications, we can be a leader in technology, we can be a leader in jobs and the economy,” said Pearson. “And if you do that, you have a strong country.”

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