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Partner Communications Group is launching Private 5G, the world’s most advanced and secure cellular network, for the first time in Israel. Over the past year and a half, and with an investment of tens of millions, Partner has established a new cellular network core using the most advanced technology available worldwide. By doing so, it joins a select group of international companies that have undertaken similar initiatives, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, and other major telecom giants.

All Partner cellular customers will be upgraded to the new network automatically, at no additional cost, and will remain on their existing plans. Customers will enjoy the new network’s benefits, including stability, security and encryption, continuity, high-quality voice and video calls, and increased capacity. Customers subscribed to 5G packages will also benefit from higher browsing speeds and a better service experience during peak times.

Later this year, the upgraded network is expected to provide new opportunities for industries, organizations, and businesses, thanks to two key features it will offer. The first is ‘Network Slicing,’ which allows for the exclusive allocation of a portion of the network for a specific customer or service based on its characteristics, providing a flexible response to specific needs. The second is ‘Low Latency,’ which enables shorter response times, a critical feature for gaming experiences, real-time remote management and control (medicine, command centers), and trends in IoT and industrial automation (industrial robots, automated logistics centers, autonomous vehicles, and more).

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The network launch will be accompanied by a nationwide campaign starting this evening, featuring presenter Static, with the tune of the song “Harb O Darb” and the participation of over 50 teenage dancers representing ‘the coolest generation.’

Avi Gabbay, CEO of Partner Group: “Partner customers are moving up a league today and will receive the most advanced and secure cellular service in Israel, according to a global standard that few companies have achieved.”

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