AT&T and AST SpaceMobile Announce Deal for Space-Based Broadband Network – Telecom Lead

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Telecom giant AT&T has finalized a deal with satellite provider AST SpaceMobile to deliver a space-based broadband network directly to mobile phones.
AT&T 5G businessThe Texas-based AST SpaceMobile plans to launch five satellites from Cape Canaveral into low-Earth orbit this summer, marking the beginning of its commercial service. As part of the agreement, Chris Sambar, AT&T’s Head of Network, will join AST SpaceMobile’s board of directors.

This definitive commercial agreement, extending until 2030, builds on a collaboration between AT&T and AST SpaceMobile that began in 2018 under a memorandum of understanding.

AST SpaceMobile aims to deploy its first commercial satellites to Cape Canaveral for a summer launch into low-Earth orbit. These initial five satellites will facilitate the commercial service, which has already achieved several key milestones. In 2023, the companies successfully demonstrated the first voice call, text, and video call via space between everyday smartphones.

AT&T will remain a crucial partner in this innovative connectivity solution, working directly with AST SpaceMobile on developing, testing, and troubleshooting the technology to ensure comprehensive satellite coverage across the continental U.S.

“Space-based direct-to-mobile technology is designed to provide customers connectivity by complementing and integrating with our existing mobile network,” said Jeff McElfresh, AT&T’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Working with AT&T has paved the way to unlock the potential of space-based cellular broadband directly to everyday smartphones,” Abel Avellan, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of AST SpaceMobile, said.

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