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Spirent Communications and Aviz Networks, a leading provider of solutions for Open, Cloud, and AI-first networks, today announced a collaboration to further strengthen the Networking 3.0 Stack by offering customers more open, hardware vendor-agnostic methods for conducting intelligent traffic monitoring across various 5G network applications such as voice, video, data, mission critical services, IoT, and enterprise and industrial applications. The AI enablement of the Networking 3.0 Stack’s components opens up use cases previously unexplored, leveraging open-source large language models (LLMs), and accessible through Aviz Network Copilot, the market leading AI management assistant for large telecom and enterprise networks.

Aviz Service Nodes take a different approach to the more traditional bundled and costly proprietary service nodes. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing packet broker networks, Aviz Service Nodes are unlike conventional solutions because they operate on readily available, general-purpose hardware. This eliminates dependence on vendor-specific hardware – a major cost driver – and ensures future network upgrades won’t be limited by proprietary solutions. By incorporating Spirent Landslide to validate Aviz Service Nodes, Aviz can now provide Telco customers with an innovative, quality-assured, ready-to-deploy solution for greater network efficiency and cost savings.

Aviz Service Nodes are validated by Spirent Landslide, which is renowned as the industry’s most comprehensive test platform for validating and optimizing service provider networks. This powerful combination empowers Telcos to:

Aviz Service Nodes provide comprehensive metadata extraction and advanced correlation analysis by leveraging Landslide’s advanced, state machine-driven implementation of 3GPP standards, along with its compatibility with release 17 based 5G nodes and interfaces. The platform’s flexibility to customize call flows, messages, and information elements is instrumental in generating call models that mimic the real world at unprecedented scale to rigorously test performance through LLM-based AI models.

Optimize deployments: In the dynamic landscape of 5G network deployment, which encompasses diverse setups like Standalone (SA), Non-Standalone (NSA), and Private 5G that are tailored to address fundamental elements of 5G design and architecture, the support for real-world Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA) models becomes indispensable. With 5G deployments being platform-independent, testing must be platform-agnostic. Spirent Landslide’s line-rate scaling capacity, and ability to replicate real-world deployments through its Real-World Call model, ensures maximum efficiency and service quality.

Vishal Shukla, Founder and CEO at Aviz Networks

Our solution is designed for AI-powered data-driven networking for 5G deployments and we estimate that customers can achieve a staggering 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through this software-defined approach. Thanks to our new collaboration, Aviz Service Nodes, combined with the unmatched testing capabilities of Spirent Landslide, represents a significant milestone in our commitment to Telco success with our AI-enabled Networking 3.0 Stack.

Kishore Kumar, 5G Business Development, APAC South at Spirent Communications

Partnering with Aviz Networks represents an important step to further enhance network testing, while demonstrating Landslide’s capabilities to seamlessly integrate with Aviz’s Networking 3.0 framework. This integration ushers in a new era of intelligent traffic monitoring and AI-driven network optimization, enhancing the capabilities of both solutions and setting a new standard for open, scalable, and efficient 5G network applications.

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