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CelcomDigi has announced that it has completed 44% of its nationwide network integration and modernisation (NIM) programme ahead of its three-year post-merger transformation journey. Described as the largest network deployment project in Malaysia, the network modernisation exercise will consolidate the networks of both Celcom and Digi, following its merger announced in late 2022.

According to CelcomDigi, they have already modernised over 7,200 sites as of the end of April 2024. In February 2024, CelcomDigi’s network modernisation exercise was at 35% with 5,665 sites modernised.

CelcomDigi customers get better speeds and signal strength in upgraded areas

With the latest progress, the merged telco reckons that customers in post-consolidated areas can now enjoy improved download speeds between 20-26% and get better signal strength between 13-16%. It aims that by the end June, which marks a year after the start of the NIM programme, it will pass the 50% completion mark in four states and 60% in three states, including completing the exercise in Penang.

CelcomDigi aims to have 18,000 integrated and modernised sites post integration.

The NIM programme was announced in June with a commitment to invest RM4 billion in capital expenditure (CAPEX) to build Malaysia’s leading digital network with the goal of having 18,000 5G-ready sites. CelcomDigi added that the network is built on the highest design standards to provide Malaysians with a superior digital experience – consistent high speeds, reliability, widest coverage, and improved latency, while adhering to the latest global cyber security standards – the optimal infrastructure to lead Malaysian enterprises and consumers into a secure 5G-driven connected future and accelerate enterprise digitalisation and innovation in the country.  

While Malaysia has yet to begin the transition to dual 5G network, CelcomDigi shared that their network has been modernised and upgraded with 5G-ready equipment. At the moment, 86% of their end-state sites are 5G-ready with the aim to complete site upgrades in line with the broader nationwide integration efforts.

They added that the 5G-ready sites are equipped with the latest radio access technology, modernised transport backhaul, power supply, which will enhance the coverage, capacity and quality of the network. At the moment, CelcomDigi’s 4G LTE and 4G LTE-Advanced network offers 96.8% and 92.1% nationwide coverage respectively.

CelcomDigi committed to deliver 5.5G

CelcomDigi’s current network modernisation efforts also include the ongoing transformation of CelcomDigi’s 5G Core Network to deliver 5.5G (5G-Advanced) functionality and services which will enable ultra-reliable and low-latency communications, massive machine-type communications and enhanced mobile broadband.

The transformation will enable CelcomDigi to provide new network services including Network Slicing, which is important for mission-critical services that require instant, fast and ultra-high reliability communications, and Private Networks. These are self-contained networks that offer full ownership over the network infrastructure and security protocols, customisation and access. These are seen as key features to drive the future of enterprise business connectivity and growth.

CelcomDigi is ready to invest in building a leading 5G network

CelcomDigi CEO Datuk Idham Nawawi said, “This new network is designed to potentially transition seamlessly into a new 5G network with an 18,000-site reach – the right infrastructure to usher Malaysia into the era of ultra-high speeds, low latency, and the opportunities of a more connected future. We are working with strategic partners to trial 5.5G technologies and new use cases for enhanced digital experiences for Malaysian enterprises and consumers. This is a significant development for us and the industry, and we are excited to lead the way to realise the potential of our shared digital future.”

CelcomDigi added that it remains supportive of the Government’s 5G ambitions and is ready to invest in building a leading 5G network for Malaysia while continuing to drive 5G adoption and digitalisation of Malaysian enterprises and consumers. In the past year, CelcomDigi has launched multiple 5G enterprise solutions with partners such as Petronas, DHL, Langkawi Ports and Sunway Group. It is also working on a smart city development with Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya.

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