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DNB Trials Multi-band Booster to Enhance Malaysia's 5G Network
Malaysian operator Digital Nasional (DNB), the state-owned company responsible for Malaysia’s wholesale 5G network, has successfully completed a field trial of 5G radio enhancements. DNB and Ericsson have trialled a Multi-band Booster solution, combining the benefits of traditional microwave (6-42 GHz) and E-band (70/80 GHz) frequencies to enhance the capacity, reach, and coverage of Malaysia‘s 5G network.

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Enhanced Network Capabilities

Reportedly, the Multi-band Booster will enable DNB to evolve its capabilities further as the demands on it increase. Ericsson noted that the Booster solution combines the high availability of the lower frequency microwave bands with the high capacity of the E-band, which can be used over much longer distances and wider geographical areas, significantly extending reach and boosting the overall network capacity.

Suitability for 5G Advanced

This combination of high data throughput and low latency coverage enabled by the solution will make it suitable for applications like fixed wireless access (FWA) and requirements introduced by 5G Advanced. Furthermore, it will enhance the amount of data that can be transmitted between cell towers and Mobile Network Operator cores (the backhaul connectivity) in the network.

Improved Backhaul Connectivity

The solution allows the E-band to be combined with traditional microwave bands to leverage the strengths of both frequency ranges. This combination will extend the reach and capacity of microwave links and significantly improve the use of spectrum. The reach of the E-band is extended up to two times, while the capacity of the traditional band is enhanced by five times, according to the official release.

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Reportedly, the live test was conducted on a congested site of the DNB 5G network, which shows that the Malaysian telco is ready to enhance capacity and meet the 5G Advanced requirements of the 5G network with the Multi-band Booster solution.

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