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If you’ve yet to find a top broadband deal from providers offering a fixed-line connection, then you might want to consider 5G broadband. But more specifically, you might want to consider this excellent deal we’ve found from Three.

Right now, if you sign up for a 24-month contract, you can get Three’s class-leading 5G Hub tariff at half price for the first six months of your deal. This means you only pay £11 a month for half a year before the price returns to the typical cost of £22 a month. It’s fair to say though that this in itself is still a bargain and there aren’t any upfront fees to pay on top.

As well as being cheap, we think this is an excellent offer because you get unlimited data and superfast average download speeds of 150Mbps. Better still, as it’s a 5G broadband product, you don’t need any installation work to get it up and running, you simply get your Hub/router, plug it in, and connect to the WiFi network it sends out. 

These speeds should also be enough to handle the online needs of small to medium-sized properties and even those who have high usage demands. This is because the connection can allow you to online game, stream in UHD, download and casually browse on many devices at once.

If this wasn’t enough, Three also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your new 5G Hub, plus if you order yours before 8 pm you can get it delivered the next working day for for free.

The only real caveat is that to get this particular deal, you will need to have access to Three’s 5G network. Three does also state that its ‘monthly charge increases by up to December’s CPI rate +3.9% each April’, so you may see price increases during your contract.

Three 5G Broadband Deal

More reasons to choose Three

It’s not just the low monthly costs that makes Three an excellent broadband provider, there are plenty more positives to this particular company.

It’s more flexible in terms of contracts than most broadband providers. This is because it has 24-month terms but also monthly rolling deals that are ideal if you don’t want to over-commit to a package. These one-month options are a bit more expensive but in the grand scheme of things, they’re still cheaper than most other providers.

Three also has excellent customer service and the technology within its 5G Hub is one of the best on the market. Three also has its own app and a separate rewards app (Three+) that gives customers exclusive perks and discounts with partnered companies.

As you might expect you can also get 4G broadband deals and mobile phone tariffs with your broadband with Three. While it doesn’t have a broadband and TV offering itself, you can get some deals that come with a subscription to Paramount+.

As we’ve already mentioned though, being able to access Three’s deals depends on your access to its mobile network. So if you find this isn’t the case, or you just want to properly compare Three with the rest of the market, check out our best broadband deals here.

Equally, you can see what’s currently on offer in your location in terms of broadband products by entering your postcode into our widget below:


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