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The rollout of 5G connectivity in Ghana presents an opportunity to boost the digital economy and drive innovation, but frequent power interruptions could compromise the quality of service, according to digital rights advocate Kwesi Atuahene.

“The current power outages will degrade the quality of service for 5G users, resulting in slower data speeds, dropped calls and communication disruptions,” read part of a statement signed by Atuahene, who is also the Executive Director of the Africa Center for Digital Transformation.

The ACDT observes that 5G networks require a more dense infrastructure of base stations compared to earlier mobile technologies like 4G and 3G.

“To cover the same geographical area, a 5G network will require more base stations than a 2G/3G/4G network,” noted Atuahene, adding “The current power crisis in Ghana means that the 5G network will also need additional backup power.”

According to Atuahene, outages can cause disruptions to 5G service that may impact sectors like healthcare, manufacturing and transportation that increasingly depend on high-speed connectivity.

To ensure a successful nationwide 5G rollout, Atuahene is calling on the government and private sector to address the underlying power issues.

He says upgrading infrastructure and deploying renewable energy solutions should be top priorities before fully implementing 5G networks.

“We recognize the importance of addressing the power crisis to ensure the successful implementation of the 5G telephony services by Next Gen InfraCo,” stated the ACDT statement.


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