Ghanas 5G deal could fuel corruption if electricity crisis isn’t fixed — Kwesi Atuahene – Modern Ghana

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Kwesi Atuahene, Africa Centre for Digital TransformationKwesi Atuahene, Africa Centre for Digital Transformation


Ghana’s plans to rollout 5G mobile networks across the country could spark more corruption if the nation’s electricity supply issues are not addressed first, Africa Center for Digital Transformation (ACDT) has warned.

The ACDT says introducing next-generation 5G services before strengthening Ghana’s power infrastructure will open up new avenues for the “create, loot and share” corruption that has plagued major infrastructure projects in the past.

“The current power crisis in Ghana means that the 5G network will also need additional backup power,” ACDT Executive Director Kwesi Atuahene said in a statement dated June 3.

“A constant supply of electricity will be necessary for the operation of 5G base stations and data centres. Power outages can cause network downtime and service interruptions, which have an impact on user connectivity,” it added.

They warned that without a stable grid to support 5G, providers may resort to “short-term solutions like unreliable generators” that could lack transparency and accountability.

“This could provide opportunities for government officials, mobile executives and energy sector players to inflate costs and siphon funds—potentially recreating the ‘create, loot and share’ scenarios we have seen previously,” said the ACDT.

The ACDT has called on authorities to prioritize upgrading national grid infrastructure and boosting renewable energy provision before rolling out potentially corruption-plagued 5G contracts.


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