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LISTENING — Jefferson County Joint Vocational School seniors Camryn Fray and Seth Bowman, in foreground, look on during a 5G Readiness training session at JVS on April 29. The event was in partnership with Youngstown State University and the Wireless Infrastructure Association and included students from YSU and Brookville High School.

BLOOMINGDALE — Jefferson County Joint Vocational School students joined college pupils for the Youngstown State University 5G Readiness training program on the future of communication.

The JVS hosted the session on Monday, which was sponsored by the Wireless Infrastructure Association in partnership with the university. According to the YSU website, it is a first-of-its-kind training course that equips students with the competencies that are required to design and deploy broadband infrastructure and YSU is only one of two schools in Ohio to power this program. Through its partnership with WIA, the training provides courses about the wireless industry and 5G technology, governance and future applications. It is a beginner-level course for individuals seeking entry-level employment, specifically in telecommunications.

WIA instructor Bryon Huyett led the activity with other attendants, including Brookville High School senior Anthony Reiter and YSU students Emilie Blissenbach Raschilla, Forrest Raschilla and Gabriel Raschilla, while university program managers Chris Riedel and Sherri Downey were also on hand. Seniors Seth Bowman and Camryn Fray, who take part in the JVS’s computer networking technologies program, said they plan to enter the field after graduation and learned a lot from the session.

“It’s an educational program used to teach about cell towers, networking and radio frequencies,” said Bowman. “It’s all about wireless internet and we’re going through the training to learn the tools and concepts of it. It’s been great with the opportunities and we have gotten industrial credentials,” Bowman said.

“It’s about wireless communication but leaning towards the 5G internet and future of it,” Fray added. “It also talks about the history of communication. It’s nice to have a way to further your career.”

“The program goes over 5G and high-speed data for cellular and wireless mobility,” Huyett explained, adding that it is used by Verizon, AT&T and other companies.

He said he worked with YSU and Ashland University and communication is a rapidly evolving industry.

“It’s always growing. Communication has been a growing field for a long time,” Huyett noted.

JVS guidance counselor Shellie Henderson said the university reached out to her last year seeking involvement in the program, then she approached the CNT lab seeking participants. Bowman and Fray, who both attend Indian Creek High School, have taken part since winter, completing online tasks and meetings prior to the in-person session with Huyett. At the conclusion, they will obtain certification to work in the communication field. Bowman hopes to obtain an apprenticeship after graduation and Fray plans to attend YSU to gain an education in networking.

Supervisor/Principal Andy Long said it was another way to prepare students for the workforce.

“The YSU 5G Readiness Training Program offers comprehensive courses covering the wireless industry and 5G technology, preparing students for entry-level positions in telecommunications,” Long said. “It’s inspiring to see our students engaging with cutting-edge technology and equipping themselves with the skills needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to providing students with opportunities for growth and success in emerging fields. I believe initiatives like the YSU 5G Readiness Training Program are instrumental in preparing our students for the workforce of tomorrow.”

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