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Wireless executives need to prepare for the next growth wave

Over the past fifty-years, wireless has been a leading growth industry. That being said, at any specific point in time, different areas of wireless are hot, as other parts cool down. So, let’s take a closer look at what areas will be hot over the next few years, and how executives need to prepare to stay with the changing growth curve.

·      We will take a look at what wireless networks and resellers, smartphone and tablet makers and network builders will be focused on. 

·      We will take a look at what new technologies will transform and lead in the wireless industry in new directions.

·      We will take a look at how to solve real problems in wireless.

Companies need to do certain things today for them to be leaders tomorrow. To punch their way through the noise and chaos of the industry and be seen.

These are some of the top areas we really need to be focused on. In fact, think of the wireless growth curve like a wave, rising and falling, time after time. 

Wireless has begun next growth wave with AI, 5G-A, FWA and satellite

As the industry continues to move forward, at each point there are different areas of growth and focus which heated up, as past growth areas cooled down. That means there are often different leaders at different times in it’s evolution. 

Things change. What was hot yesterday, is no longer hot today. Today, new technologies and new strategies need to be employed in order for companies to continue to win. And companies need to know years in advance, so they can head in the right direction.

Wireless has already begun its next major growth phase. This time it will be bigger and impact not only wireless, but every other industry as well.

This time in involves 5G-A, AI, FWA, satellite and more. 

As an example, growth companies like Uber and Lyft could not even exist until 4G in the wireless world. And just as wireless has transformed the taxi and limousine industry, with 5G and 6G, every other sector is next in line.

Presentation to Samsung executives on AI, 5G, wireless and what’s next

That means for companies who are on the correct path, the future looks very bright.

Over more than three decades, I have shared my thoughts of our changing industry with wireless execs and leadership, investors, customers and the media. 

In fact, recently I gave a presentation to Samsung senior executives on this topic. To help them prepare for what’s coming next. 

You see, they need to see what is coming years before we get there. That being said, don’t you?

Something interesting. I have also been advising non-wireless companies who are using this technology to transform their industry. Their goal results in ending up as winners in their changing spaces. 

Companies need to be seen and heard in noisy industry

One thing I stress at every briefing is the importance to be seen and heard in a noisy marketplace. Especially in a very competitive space full of new technology. To punch your way onto the radar of during a very noisy and chaotic time.

You must successfully focus on public relations, advertising and marketing. 

The reason is simple. Either you own your space, or a competitor will. Today, there are serious changes in play which every player needs to be aware of and prepare for. 

Which growth category are you in; 5G, AI, FWA, satellite and wireless

As the wireless industry continues to change moving forward to 5G, 6G, AI and beyond, you must choose which level you want to compete in. 

What I am saying is there are three levels to consider; early adopters, fast followers and those who struggle to understand what their next move should be. 

So, which are you?

It is important to recognize that 5G is very different compared to the past. Not only do 5G, 6G and AI represent the next wave of growth for wireless… but pulling the camera back, we can see how it also involves other companies in other industries.

Nvidia is a powerhouse in AI chips and technology

Nvidia and in fact many other suppliers are very important to the AI industry. 

I am always asked for a description of today’s AI marketplace. Easy question with a longer and more complex answer.

The truth is the world of AI will continue to grow and change as we go forward. It will look different going forward. 

While that’s a question which is impossible to know the answer to, companies still need to choose their direction wisely.

As the marketplace continues to grow with new technology, growth can be more instense than ever before. Of course, the risk and challenges are greater as well.

There will be many competitors in this space. The challenge for Nvidia is to keep the leadership position in the AI space.

Can TM solve the wireless spectrum shortage?

There are problems we need to fix as well. The IEEE Communications Society said on January 2, 2024: “Transpositional Modulation or TM permits a single carrier wave to simultaneously transmit two or more signals, unlike other modulation methods. It does this without destroying the integrity of the individual bit streams.”

Companies like TM Technologies are working with the US military on this powerful new idea. This same kind of technology should be considered and tested by every wireless network, large and small. Could this be a solution to the wireless spectrum shortage? 

Solving ongoing challenges like with limited spectrum is of utmost importance.

Early adopters and fast followers lead in wireless race

We are seeing exciting new activity in other industries because of wireless and new technology. Early adopters in other industries are jumping in early trying to change their industry. Every competitor wants a competitive advantage.

First, early adopters are transforming their industry trying to either become or remain in a leadership position. These companies can and often do change the direction of their industry. They also take the risks and get the arrows. 

Second, fast followers are also industry leaders, but they are more cautious. They let early adopters take the arrows and plow the roads, then they move in. 

Third, are the companies who either wait too long, or who do not know what next step to take. These are the companies who either already struggle or may begin to do so moving forward.

AI, FWA, 5G wireless internet, 5G-A, private wireless and more

Because of AI, FWA, 5G-A, wireless internet, private wireless and more, the industry is growing more rapidly and in new directions.

Expect this to continue and in fact to accelerate. 

New areas like private wireless, or FWA, which stands for Fixed Wireless Access. This is the technology which lets wireless carriers offer broadband services to homes and offices wirelessly. 

In fact, FWA is giving traditional cable television companies real competition with broadband. Companies like Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Altice, Cox and others. Keep your eyes on this. 

Still, another new area is 5G-A or 5G-Advanced. This expands the speed and immediacy of 5G.

Satellite broadband, AI and wireless resellers are on growth curve

What else can we expect to see more of in wireless?

AI is rapidly moving into wireless and telecom. This will play an increasingly important role for networks, resellers, smartphone and tablet makers, network builders and more. 

Plus, for other companies which will use wireless to connect everyone to everything.

Because of AI, there is an enormous change wave sweeping across every industry, including wireless. You either ride this growth wave and stay with it, or you will be left behind.

Satellite broadband is another new sector. There are so many satellite companies entering the space and impacting the wireless industry. Companies like SpaceX, Starlink, Globalstar, HughesNet and more. Some of these providers are newer and faster growing compared to others. 

So, who are the wireless leaders today and going forward?

Expect these new areas and many other new ones to continue to be the focus of industry growth. That being said, expect rough spots which will keep the waters churning.

Another important question to be focused on is this. Who are the leaders in these different sectors today, and who will be the leaders tomorrow? 

Some companies are often smaller, but with big ideas, but not enough capital. Larger companies need this breakthrough thinking and ideas.

This means wireless and telecom will remain a growth industry but will be unstable with ups and downs going forward. This is not new. This is the wireless industry.

Companies should stay with the ever-changing wireless growth curve

Expect more changes and new technology to continue to fuel this explosive growth in wireless.

The good news is wireless has always been and will always be a strong industry. The challenge is there are different sectors in the industry and different technologies which lead at different times.

Things change. Just like the iPhone and Android changed the wireless industry nearly twenty years ago, new technology like we have been discussing is doing the same thing today. 

That’s why you need to stay on top of industry changes and trends and stay with the hot areas of the ever-changing wireless growth curve.

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