Kinéis, Semtech Collaborate to Democratize IoT Connectivity with Single-Chip Integration –

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French satellite operator Kinéis and global semiconductor company Semtech have jointly emerged to revolutionize Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. The two companies aim to democratize satellite connectivity and make it more accessible as well as user-friendly by integrating it into Semtech’s chipsets.


The partnership enables users of Semtech’s LoRa Edge™ chips to seamlessly access terrestrial and satellite IoT connectivity on a single chip. The devices can now connect via terrestrial LoRaWAN when in availability area and switch to Kinéis satellite connectivity in remote areas. The collaboration will help creation of hybrid devices simple.

The partnership enhances ability to provide global IoT coverage to millions of users. With their initiatives, users can now receive data and location information anywhere in the world. Kinéis has revolutionized reference design and instruction manual for creating compatible radio modules as well.

Meanwhile, the IoT community is eagerly anticipating the collaboration of Kineis and Semtech. They have recognized the potential to address the demand for reliable and comprehensive IoT connectivity.

Geolocation and data transmission solution company Beepings is enthusiastic about the new partnership. Beepings is known for developing durable solutions with long lifespans.

Kinéis is also set to deploy this summer Europe’s first dedicated IoT satellite constellation that contains 25 nanosatellites. The initiative follows its historic 100 million euro capital that was raised four years ago.

The Kineis and Semtech collaboration will definitely democratize IoT connectivity. It will benefit a diverse range of users. The partnership paves the path of providing innovative solutions. The collaboration enhances accessibility of IoT technology on a global scale.

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