Multi-campus 5G Readiness program to train southeast Ohio broadband workforce – Ohio University

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Ohio University will teach at least three 5G Readiness cohorts, with the first beginning this July. The first three cohorts will contain students from the Athens campus, as well as the OHIO Lancaster, OHIO Southern and OHIO Eastern regional campuses to help bolster the broadband workforce, not only in Athens but throughout the whole region. Ohio University will subsidize the cost of the certification for students in these cohorts as an investment in southeast Ohio, meaning these students will receive training at no cost.

“I’m excited to partner with the Scripps College and the McClure school to offer this great opportunity to our regional campus students. This unique opportunity will provide training for five RHE students at no cost in the first three cohorts at Lancaster, Eastern and the Southern Campuses,” said Vice Provost for Regional Higher Education and Partnerships Dr. Lewatis McNeal. “Upon the completion of this training, these students will be prepared to immediately enter the workforce.”

An OHIO student works on a laptop next to a child reading a book.

The course itself is made up of four microcredentials including wireless broadband infrastructure, 5G ecosystems, inbuilding and wireless solutions and 5G and broadband deployment. In-depth labs will supplement the more theoretical aspects of training. Labs will cover different topics like RF principles, hands-on 5G testbed configuration, indoor wireless systems, geographical information systems and RF planning.

“We told the state that to complement the certification we are going to create 10 lab exercises in 2024 and 10 lab exercises in 2025,” said Arauz. “These labs are more hands-on to help students visualize how all of this works.”

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