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Optus has announced that its 5G network now covers 80.5% of the population, as part of its latest financial results. The announcement is notable, as until now, Optus has been cagey about the scope of its 5G network.

The telco has previously talked about its 5G coverage in terms of the number of addresses within the footprint, but network coverage in Australia has traditionally been expressed by the percentage of the population covered. For example, back in January, Optus told us its 5G network spanned over 2.1 million residential addresses, but declined to offer a population figure.

The 80.5% figure makes it easier to compare Optus’ 5G network to Telstra’s, which covers 87% of the population as of February. It is worth noting that Optus still has no 5G coverage in the Northern Territory.

Providers powered by the Optus network have access to its full 5G coverage. Conversely, Telstra-powered providers use a smaller 5G footprint that covers 75% of the population. That means customers on an Optus MVNO like amaysim have greater 5G coverage than those on a Telstra MVNO like Belong.

Optus wasn’t alone in reporting 5G coverage in odd ways. Vodafone says its 5G footprint covers 85% of the population in Australia’s ten largest cities and regions, which include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Wollongong, and the Sunshine Coast.

5G is available on all Optus mobile plans, but with a speed cap on some prepaid options. Here are Optus’ postpaid SIM-only plans:

Optus also has 5G home internet plans available. Network coverage is of course less important when it comes to 5G home internet, as a 5G modem is stationary. The wider the coverage footprint, the better chance you’re able to get a plan. Here are Optus’ 5G home wireless internet plans:

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