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  • Smarter WiFi transforms into shared service for users to connect, pay for access
  • Offers multi-gigabit speeds & robust security, ensuring high-speed Internet access

Tuan Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (4th from left), Chairman of MDEC was on hand to show support to Simplify and its founder/CEO Yen Pei Tay (3rd from right).

Simplify launched its Thunderbird 5G router, which it has hailed as a pioneering achievement in telecommunications technology. The launch was in conjunction with World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) 2024 on 16 May, which celebrated the theme “Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development.” 

Yen Pei Tay, founder and CEO of Simplify noted how the WTISD theme resonated with him. “It perfectly encapsulates our mission at Simplify — bringing technology for good, and bridging the digital divide.”

He noted that the Thunderbird 5G router, is not only fast, with its top download speed of 4.7 Gbps over 5G network, but how its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology helps accelerate 5G adoption across Malaysia rapidly, and affordably.

According to him, “the Thunderbird 5G router connects to the 5G network, and broadcasts it as ultrafast Wi-Fi, enabling as many as 128 devices connecting to it, all at the same time. That also means, 4G users and Wi-Fi devices at home are able to enjoy multi-gigabit 5G speed, with Thunderbird 5G router acting as a bridge.”

Tuan Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, Chairman of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) was on hand to show support to Simplify as the startup, which was ranked among the world’s 50 Most Innovate Companies by Fast Company magazine in 2017, strives to fulfill its promise. Simplofy partners from China and Finland also flew in to support the product introduction.

“It is MDEC’s pivotal role to propel Malaysia’s digital economy forward. Collaborating closely with esteemed partners like Simplify, an MDEC AgTech Ecosystem Partner and MD status company, underscores our commitment to driving innovation and digital transformation across the nation. By addressing the evolving needs of our micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), we aim to fortify their position in today’s dynamic global landscape. Through such collaborations, we strive to realise Malaysia’s broader vision of becoming the digital hub of ASEAN,” he said.

Thunderbird 5G Router can reach a top download speed of 4.7Gbps over 5G.

The Thunderbird 5G router harnesses MediaTek’s 5G Release 16-compatible chipset for top-tier performance and introduces 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) capabilities with a peak download speed of 4.7 Gbps, setting a new standard in connectivity. Designed for ease and efficiency, this router offers multi-gigabit speeds and robust security features, ensuring high-speed Internet access is simpler and more accessible than ever.

Smarter WiFi, Monetize Wi-Fi connection

The Thunderbird 5G router is featured with the innovative Smarter WiFi which turns it into a revenue generating engine. This feature transforms Wi-Fi into a shared service where others can connect and pay for Internet access. The Smarter WiFi feature boasts a double-encryption algorithm for Wi-Fi password for enhanced connection security, and a comprehensive usage tracking to manage the amount of data and bandwidth that you can share with other Internet users.

Simplify was recently recognized at the 2024 ZGC International Technology Trading Conference in Beijing, where it was honored among the “100 Best Innovative Technologies for International Cooperation”, becoming the only Malaysian company to receive the recognition.

Fueling the global 5G Fixed Wireless Access market

FWA technology, especially over 5G networks, is critical in bridging the digital divide and accelerating 5G adoption. FWA enables non-5G devices to utilize 5G network over Wi-Fi network. Such an approach saves device upgrade cost while providing gigabit broadband access to the masses at scale.

With the global 5G FWA market expanding, estimated service provider revenues from FWA are projected to reach US$67 billion by 2028. This growth is not just significant but transformative, as it leverages mobile broadband assets extensively. Simplify stands at the forefront in Malaysia, bringing advanced solutions to untapped markets.

Diverse applications and real-world demonstrations

Thunderbird 5G Router with Holomonsters Game Pack.

Simplify said its Thunderbird 5G router is not just a gateway to the Internet but a bridge to technological equity, providing fast, reliable connections in diverse settings—from airports and food trucks to pop-up stores and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Its plug-and-play deployment in such varied environments underscores its versatility and the vital role of 5G in enhancing smart infrastructures. The launch event gave attendees firsthand experience of the Thunderbird 5G’s potential through live demonstrations, including a COFE robotic coffee kiosk and an immersive holographic game by Holomonsters, showcasing the router’s capability to support advanced digital applications.

Simplify Thunderbird 5G router is more than a product—it is a vision realized, embodying the initiative of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital connectivity for sustainable development.

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