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SureCall, the Fremont, Calif.-based, provider of cell phone signal boosters and 5G technologies, announced the SpeedLink 5G signal booster. SpeedLink represents a significant milestone in the industry as it is the only C-band booster approved by Verizon for use on their 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) network, in addition to being FCC-certified for immediate deployment, according to Surecall.

SureCall’s SpeedLink extends C-band 5G signals inside large buildings to fill coverage gaps, increase network capacity, and deliver ultra-fast data speeds up to 1 Gbps without fiber. With MIMO or SISO compatibility, the flexible design allows it to deploy quickly and economically inside many types of buildings including offices, government facilities, education and medical campuses, MDUs, retail and grocery stores and other commercial spaces to significantly expand and improve 5G signal indoors.

“We are thrilled to announce SpeedLink which adds to our ever-expanding portfolio of FCC-certified 5G signal boosters. We have carefully engineered and thoroughly tested it for rapid deployment to extend the coverage footprint of a C-band base station within hours without the need for fiber backhaul,” says Hongtao Zhan, CEO and founder of SureCall. “As an Authorized Verizon 5G Signal Booster Vendor, we worked closely with Verizon to ensure that the new SpeedLink exceeded all technical standards the carrier required for its network.”

SpeedLink C-Band Booster for Enterprises 

With high capacity and low latency, cellular carriers leveraging C-band spectrum can transmit faster data and connect more simultaneous users with 5G base stations. Zhan continues, “High-speed 5G wireless connectivity offers businesses a way to seamlessly connect wireless devices with point-of-sale systems and mission-critical communications. C-band also supports new and emerging technologies that depend on fast wireless connections to transfer large amounts of data in real-time, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality. SpeedLink truly is a gamechanger.”


The versatility and flexibility of SpeedLink is unmatched, says Surecall. It ships as a Verizon C-band compatible system and is equipped with features that enables it to boost the wider 3.7-3.98 GHz C-band spectrum, for those looking to futureproof and install one system that covers multiple carriers. The system is also scalable and can be installed in tandem with existing 4G/LTE 5-band booster systems for full cellular coverage inside the building.

C-band 5G spectrum coverage is rolling out nationwide and is currently available to more than 200 million people in over 350 markets allowing mobile users to stream live video, download movies instantly, videoconference, and take advantage of new gaming and immersive opportunities. C-band also supports Voice-over-New-Radio-5G (VoNR-5G) as that network technology rolls out. This market expansion provides a rapidly growing market for SpeedLink, an enterprise class C-band booster.

SpeedLink 5G (part# SC-5G-CB) is available for purchase and immediate deployment from a select group of SureCall’s distribution partners including Tessco and Graybar. SureCall has an extensive portfolio of patented FCC-certified wireless solutions that optimize 5G network performance indoors.

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