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Malaysian mobile operator U Mobile says it has successfully wrapped up a private 5G network proof-of-concept (PoC) with Enfrasys Solutions to automate the container inspection process for transport and logistics company Transocean Logistics.

The objective of the PoC was to assess the feasibility of automating Transocean Logistics’ container inspection process using U Mobile’s 5G private network capabilities combined with Enfrasys’ industrial application ‘Container Vision’. The PoC also used 5G RAN and 5G core equipment supplied by ZTE.

The Container Vision app leverages AI as well as 5G’s multi-access-edge computing (MEC) capabilities to enable Transocean Logistics’ inspectors to scan and detect defects in real-time on containers arriving at its depot site in Butterworth, Penang. MEC enables computation of heavy AI processes to be moved closer to the application usage source, enabling Transocean inspectors to detect and log defects instantly.

During the PoC, Transocean said it saw up to a 70% improvement in the time required to complete the detection process, compared to current practices. This also means improved turnaround times for defect filing and reporting.

U Mobile said the PoC also demonstrated how Transocean can streamline its supply chain business operations by integrating various upstream business applications, which also promotes transparency amongst depot operators and container owners.

U Mobile CTO Woon Ooi Yuen said that the PoC represents one of the first few successful 5G private network trials in Malaysia.

“The results of the PoC have shown the benefits of combining 5G technology with AI and automation to provide immense enterprise customer value,” he said.

Transocean Logistics CEO Ismail Bin Ibrahim said that the pilot project is the first in Malaysia, and positions Transocean to become the first container depot in Malaysia to adopt this technology to automate its container inspection process.


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