Bell Expands 5G Network in Canada by Deploying 3800 MHz Spectrum – The Fast Mode

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Bell announced the deployment of 3800 MHz spectrum in select areas of Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo, which will offer customers the country’s fastest mobile technology yet on what is already Canada’s fastest 5G+ wireless network.

With the acquisition of 3800 MHz in 2023, Bell secured the most 5G+ spectrum nationwide (opens in new window) , adding high-capacity airwaves critical to the advancement of 5G. Bell 5G+ is expected to be even faster and more responsive, allowing for a superior mobile experience with peak theoretical download speeds of up to 4Gbps in select areas.

In addition to deploying 3800 MHz spectrum, Bell and Samsung are undergoing testing to demonstrate its optimal use. Right now, the two are utilizing 5 Component Carrier aggregation (5CCA) on a smartphone device (Samsung Galaxy S24 series) as a means to unlock the fastest mobile speeds available. The 5CCA technology allows the device to access 3800 MHz spectrum, together with Bell’s other available 5G spectrum. Notably, Bell achieved a significant milestone today becoming the first carrier in North America to successfully conduct a 5CCA test on a smartphone over a live production network leveraging 3800 MHz spectrum. During the field test, download speeds of over 2Gbps were achieved, which Bell confirms are the fastest mobile speeds recorded to date in Canada in the field.

By operating Bell’s 5G+ network on 3800 MHz spectrum, complemented with the existing 3500 MHz spectrum (opens in new window) , Bell will deliver faster mobile speeds for things like downloading and streaming high-resolution videos, as well as uploading content to share on social media or for cloud photo backups. Bell’s 5G+ spectrum will also allow for greater capacity to manage more devices that connect to Bell’s wireless network and provide lower latency, which means real-time communication and immersive experiences can take place with lightning-fast response time.

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