Blecon Launches Next-Gen Bluetooth LE-Based IoT Connectivity – Analytics Insight

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Cost of Deployment: Blecon enables customers to set up hardware hotspots themselves and use their existing phones and laptops as hotspots through applications without the necessity of hiring professionals to set up and configure the devices on-site, which results in much lower deployment costs.

Cost of Operations: Keeping an IoT infrastructure operational can be expensive, mainly when relying on custom, in-house solutions. By choosing Blecon’s ready-to-use solution, companies can use this technology to manage a large part of the operational duties, thereby cutting down on continuous expenses.

Development Expenses: This approach eliminates the need for time and custom training to build new gateways and applications as well as the significant effort required in system configuration and security; it improves the process of creating and sharing products while decreasing costs and time consumption for development and collaboration purposes.

The unique technical capabilities and practical considerations of Bluetooth LE have allowed its application in numerous low-cost IoT projects despite the need for bespoke solutions to fully realize these uses. Blecon emerged following the team’s realization that businesses frequently encountered challenges when incorporating Bluetooth into IoT communication initiatives.

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