Blecon Unveils Advanced Bluetooth LE-Based IoT Connectivity Solutions –

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Blecon has lately launched an advanced IoT connectivity solution and it is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The new solution basically aims to address common issues faced by businesses while using Bluetooth LE for their IoT applications. It offers an efficient and user-friendly integration process. It includes Blecon Modems that come with such software and resources that enable standard Bluetooth LE microcontrollers for establishing secure identities, strong security features.


Blecon Hotspots consists of specialized hardware and mobile applications. It makes easy to set up coverage without the need to configure or pairing. The solution features Blecon Networks and this is a cloud-based service to help in supporting secure device identities, two-way cloud communication, location tracking and time services.

The solution is a comprehensive product and network service. It is basically designed for seamless integration. It allows businesses to fully use Bluetooth LE capabilities and hence come up with new possibilities for IoT connectivity. Bluetooth LE definitely reduces production costs of IoT devices. It even leads to an optimized hardware environment.

Customers can set up the hardware hotspots independently and without requiring any help. They can simply use their phones or laptops as hotspots through applications. No professional installer is required. The solution is ready-to-use. It helps in managing operational tasks easily. It cuts down on ongoing expenses compared to custom solutions. It simplifies the creation and sharing of products.

Blecon CEO Simon Ford highlighted the challenges and opportunities in using Bluetooth LE for IoT connectivity. He stated that the Bluetooth LE is lately being increasingly used in IoT applications and the primary reason is its technical as well as commercial success in personal connectivity. He added further that the company highly utilizes its IoT expertise to provide a simplified solution for Bluetooth LE integration.

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