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BT Wholesale has highlighted research that shows the potential revenues channel partners can make from 5G, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and artificial intelligence (AI).

BT found that over half of employees want their bosses to invest in AI, as well as that the majority of resellers are reporting a focus from users on 5G.

BT Wholesale is encouraging partners to keep it simple, with its research uncovering a desire by many IT decision-makers to reduce the complexity in their tech estate. The firm found that three-quarters of respondents saw a need for fewer applications, and 72% agreed they needed simplified ways to collaborate.

It’s clear that AI is an area where there will be spending this year, with 61% expecting to make some investments. Those intentions provide the channel with an opportunity to talk to customers about the network requirements needed to support roll-outs.

There should also be opportunities for partners to talk about security, making sure it is considered at the initial stages of an AI roll-out to make sure data is protected.

The other advice BT Wholesale is providing its partners is to listen to customer requirements and make sure investments align to deliver those successfully.

The vast majority of IT decision-makers want to invest this year and understand that upgraded technology will put them in a better position. But the channel needs to make sure the right decisions are made to focus on those infrastructure areas that will yield the best results.

The other area customers expect their channel partner to help with is supporting sustainability. Out of those customers that BT quizzed, 40% placed sustainability as a top business concern. As a result, the channel should continue to focus on the topic and talk about the benefits Certain technology decisions could make on helping to reduce carbon emissions.

BT also revealed that a large number of employees are bemoaning the lack of fast and reliable connectivity, but making a shift to All-IP is not a priority for the vast majority of their bosses.

Gavin Jones, channel partners director at BT Wholesale, said that its findings underlined where its partners were experiencing growth. “Following a year of rapid change, we wanted this research to hold invaluable lessons for our partners’ business growth. It’s clear that embracing 5G, AI and cyber security is paramount, but trust and simplicity will remain the bedrock of success,” he said.

“The channel must pivot from tech talk to customer-focused conversation, fostering strong relationships to support customers as they navigate an ever-changing tech landscape,” he added.

A final takeaway that the channel should take on board is that a significant number of IT decision-makers (70%) want face-to-face time with their technology partners, as getting to know partners was seen as a vital part of relationship building and growing trust. As a result, the vendor is including the commitment to providing customers with time and access as another opportunity for its partners to take on board this year.

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