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Dave Michels from TalkingPointz speaks with Michael Gold, CEO of Intermedia, to discuss the company’s strategic moves and future ambitions.

Key discussion points include:

Michael Gold’s Background and Role at Intermedia: Discussion about how Mike started with a company resembling Intermedia in 2008, leading up to his official position as CEO since 2015 after several strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

Intermedia’s Recent Refinancing: Explanation of the refinancing process likened to refinancing a house, aimed at better financial terms and the strategic use of these funds for growth rather than acquisitions.

Financial Strategy and Profitability: Insights into Intermedia’s financial health, profitability, and how it self-funds its growth through strong cash flow.

Partnership with NEC and Impact on Business: Exploration of the implications of NEC’s shift from premises-based systems to cloud solutions, and how this partnership benefits Intermedia.

Competitive Landscape and Standing Out: Discussion on how Intermedia differentiates itself in a market where traditional providers like Cisco and Microsoft are shifting strategies, focusing on how Intermedia offers robust, modern solutions for service providers.

Healthcare Vertical Focus: Michael details what sets Intermedia’s healthcare offerings apart, including integration with major EMR systems and compliance with HIPAA, highlighting their strategic approach to vertical markets.

Future of UCaaS and CCaaS Offerings: Considerations on the future direction of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), emphasizing modernization and integration.

Tune in to uncover the strategic decisions behind Intermedia’s success and their plans for leveraging technology to stay ahead in the competitive cloud communications landscape.

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