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Discover how this Canadian water management company leverages TELUS’ IoT technology to transform water efficiency in landscaping projects for their clients. 

Modernizing irrigation with climate controlled water management 

ExactET is a beacon of innovation and sustainability as they help build healthier landscapes for their clients, using 40% less water consumption and reducing fertilization by more than 50%. 

With water waste being one of the biggest irrigation expenses, ExactET helps achieve savings by using IoT SIMs in their devices to automatically adjust the watering schedule to align with changing climate conditions. The company collects accurate, real-time weather data from their network of specialized water management stations, which allows the right amount of water to replace depleted soil moisture. Their Smart ET Controllers provide water usage data based on root depth, plant type, soil and much more. As an environmental steward and leader in sustainability, the environmentally- conscious company has saved over 6 billion litres of water nationally.

As the business started to experience growth and landscaping projects scaled, losing connectivity and running into integration issues was a threat to their operations, and resulted in a poor experience for their clients. To consistently monitor and control water usage through their devices, the team sought a reliable partner to support their operations and future growth. 

The challenge

One main challenge the ExactET team experienced with their previous IoT provider was not receiving the connectivity they needed to reduce water usage for their clients while making a positive environmental impact. The water management company also encountered difficulties with seamless integration of their SmartET Controller. This made it difficult to track climate conditions and determine how much water the landscapes need to minimize over-watering – a critical issue in the landscaping industry. 

With frequent drops in their IoT network, affecting the performance of their landscaping projects, the team needed to immediately address the technical challenges. They also needed to receive better customer support to keep their devices online so they could run their business efficiently and deliver enhanced client satisfaction. 

“Having a dependable IoT partner doesn’t just involve strong connectivity – it’s also the support we’re receiving along the way. TELUS is committed to the success of our business and keeping our devices online so we can provide consistent and accurate weather data.” 

– Darren Kovacs, COO and Co-Founder at ExactET Systems Inc.

The solution 

Migrating their connected devices to a dedicated IoT network has improved ExactET’s connectivity, eliminating dropped connections and enhancing overall performance. The TELUS Business team worked closely with the company to ensure smooth integration of their products with the IoT network, resolving previous compatibility issues with their controllers. 

With proactive and timely support, the specialists at TELUS Business assisted ExactET with resolving technical issues so they could keep their clients’ landscaping projects online. This support contributed to a better experience for ExactET’s clientbase, and drove cost savings as well as environmental sustainability.

Key results:

  • Increased efficiency and automation of projects to help ensure landscaping stays healthy over time 

  • Decreased operating costs with the reduction of wasteful water usage

  • Improved environmental sustainability across customer’s properties

“We found that TELUS’ IoT network was superior for both coverage and reliability and could help us deliver strong results for our clients. We know that with TELUS, our Smart ET controllers can stay connected around the clock.” 

– Darren Kovacs, COO and Co-Founder at ExactET Systems Inc.

Why TELUS Business was the right partner

Today, the ExactET team can support an excellent client experience across all their landscaping projects with strong and reliable connectivity. TELUS’ commitment to understanding their business needs, coupled with decades of expertise and a dedicated network for IoT not only resolved persistent technical issues but also helped the company position themselves for future growth and success. 

“As we continue to expand our footprint nationally, TELUS Business remains a partner we can trust so we can drive innovation while contributing to positive environmental impacts.” 

– Darren Kovacs, COO and Co-Founder at ExactET Systems Inc.

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