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In the evolving landscape of modern business, investing in service management technology has become a strategic necessity. The value of such investments extends far beyond initial costs, emphasizing long-term benefits and strategic advantages. To make the most of service management investments, businesses should prioritize value drivers over mere price considerations. We spoke with NUWAVE to explore the critical aspects of these investments and how businesses can effectively implement them.

UC (Unified Communications) service management solutions offer companies a comprehensive environment in which they can manage and provision licenses, automate manual tasks, track crucial data about software and device lifecycles, monitor and maintain service quality, and run diagnostic reports.

Reasons to invest in service management include:

  1. Unlocking Efficiency with Comprehensive Automation
  2. Reducing Costs by Managing and Optimizing Budgets
  3. Enhancing Productivity and Performance
  4. Improving Decision Making Through Enhanced Insights
  5. Greater Security and Compliance
  6. Improved Flexibility and Agility

Selecting your service management technology can be a minefield. As with all investments, price considerations often come to the fore. But these value driver considerations can help elevate your investment further.

  1. Multi-UC: Diversification for Retaining Revenue

As businesses migrate their communication infrastructure, retaining revenue from existing services while embracing new opportunities is paramount. The concept of Multi-UC (Unified Communications) underscores the importance of not being a one-trick pony. Relying solely on a single communication platform limits a company’s flexibility and scalability. By offering a diverse suite of UC services – incorporating the ‘big three’ of voice, video, and messaging – companies can better meet the varied needs of their clients. This diversity helps in retaining revenue streams as clients transition to newer technologies, ensuring that the business remains relevant and competitive.

  1. Future Growth: Streamlining Costs and Sales Processes

Investing in service management technology is a forward-looking strategy aimed at future growth. A comprehensive, full-stack offering can significantly lower the cost to market and simplify the sales process. By integrating various services into a unified platform, businesses can reduce the complexity and overhead associated with managing multiple vendors and solutions. This simplification not only lowers operational costs but also accelerates the sales cycle, enabling quicker deployment and faster realization of benefits. A streamlined sales process, backed by a robust service management platform, positions businesses to capitalize on market opportunities more efficiently.

  1. Security and Compliance: Avoiding Catastrophic Failures

Security and compliance are critical components of any service management investment. Regulatory failures can lead to severe consequences – including data breaches, financial loss, and even legal repercussions for those in charge. Ensuring that service management systems comply with industry standards and regulations is essential to mitigate these risks. Investing in robust security measures, such as end-to-end encryption, secure access controls, and regular compliance audits, safeguards the organization against potential threats. This focus on security and compliance not only protects the business but also enhances its reputation and builds trust with customers and partners.

  1. Operational Impact: Enhancing Efficiency and Management

Cost efficiency is a significant value driver, achieved through streamlined provisioning, reduced need for extensive engineering teams, and simplified ongoing management. Automation and centralized control offered by advanced service management platforms lead to substantial time and cost savings.

In a competitive and rapidly changing market, strategic investments in service management technology are not just beneficial – they are essential for long-term success.

iPILOT from NUWAVE is a cloud platform as a service (CPaaS) that revolutionizes the unified communications service management lifecycle, enabling any global voice network.

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