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The conversation the Internet of Things (IoT) has drastically shifted in recent years. Gone are the days of simply envisioning fitness trackers and a handful of smart speakers. Today, IoT has exploded beyond consumer gadgets, literally transforming entire industries. From intricate health monitors for individuals to automated factory climate control systems and interconnected vehicle software, IoT may not touch everything nor everywhere, but it’s impacts are undeniable.

And even greater IoT potential lies beyond the above examples. It’s revolutionizing fleet management, streamlining intricate supply chains, and enabling remote environmental monitoring in previously inaccessible locations. This connectivity empowers businesses of all sizes – from individual leaders to global giants – to leverage data-driven insights and make informed strategic decisions for a future driven by the interconnected world of IoT.

The long-story-short of this, readers?

I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again: There rests major importance in reliable and scalable IoT.

So, let’s round up several “of Things”-related updates in today’s “IoT TGIF” news recap:

  • First on the docket, we have Phoenix Energy Technologies, a provider of smart building analytics and corresponding IoT assets, equipment and facility systems. Phoenix announced the launch of its ClassifyAI data integration solution, a tool that addresses the complexities of connecting to multiple building management systems and IoT devices by leveraging machine learning algorithms and a proprietary dataset. According to Phoenix Energy Technologies CEO Glen Schrank,, ClassifyAI “tackles multi-site commercial landscapes head-on by streamlining data gathering and harmonization processes, empowering proactive decision-making and performance advancements.”
  • Second, here’s a quick reminder for y’all –  high-speed communications and IoT connectivity solutions provider Viasat is deep in prep for its upcoming Viasat ELEVATE global partner event, taking place from June 18-19 at the official Viasat corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Business leaders at this event will be able to leverage the best from Viasat and its remarkable global presence. Attendees will also learn about Viasat’s direct-to-device technology roadmap, its Enterprise and Land Mobile (ELM) product portfolio updates (and market insights therein), and more concerning how the ELEVATE program can support businesses’ long-term growth ambitions. So whether you find yourself in business development, IT or OT, engineering, or in product or project management or purchasing – you name it, Viasat will support it – anyone interested should learn more and register by clicking here.
  • Third, managed IoT connectivity services provider (i.e. for education, government, healthcare, transportation and other enterprise markets) Kajeet initiated discussions earlier this year with global networking giant Cisco. The goal is to “reshape and enable the delivery of new managed wireless solutions,” bringing together Kajeet’s award-winning Sentinel platform with Cisco’s cellular-enabled gateways (and its Mobility Services Platform). Marrying these two together has a lot of potential; read more here.
  • Lastly, we have OnAsset, a technology company that specializes in real-time asset tracking and monitoring solutions for full supply chain visibility. OnAsset is supporting air cargo operators’ needs for delivery of mission-critical goods with its Sentry 600 FlightSafe device, which is being deployed as a dedicated aircraft-installed gateway to transform the aircraft itself into a virtual connected warehouse. (A casual side note here: Dang, that sounds neat and quite useful.) This is a comprehensive solution that airlines can benefit from when it comes to diagnosing in-transit problems, remotely capturing transaction events, for maintaining and optimizing parked aircraft, reducing downtime while increasing safety, etc. Learn more here.

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TGIF, readers. Until next ICYMI, take good care.

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