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Netherlands-based mobile operator KPN has launched a new edge 4G/5G product for large enterprises combining private and hybrid cellular, on-premise computing, and indoor localisation services. It is pitching the product, called simply KPN Campus, as a higher-performing local network infrastructure, which is “safe and reliable”, for mission and business-critical applications. It cited sundry industrial sectors, plus logistics and healthcare, as primary candidate venues.

KPN is now offering LTE (4G) and 5G in three flavours: as general public 5G via its national network, as bespoke private 5G deployed on enterprise premises, and as a hybrid combination of both, where the centralised public core network is augmented with on-premise 5G gateway It said it will introduce “various” enterprise 5G services, including edge computing and edge applications, to attach to its networking products in the “coming months”. 

Initial applications will include indoor localisation (positioning / tracking) services. KPN said it is responding to “growing demand from large business customers… for more autonomy, reliability and guarantees with regard to the infrastructure on location”. It noted how new trends in “AI and hyper-automation” are placing strain on existing enterprise networks.“Many of these applications require more than just speed and connectivity,” it said.

It referenced the higher-grade security, reliability, and coverage afforded by private cellular. It also made a point of the value to enterprises of combined public/private 5G solutions, for when goods and services roam outside of dedicated infrastructure in factories, warehouses, and other enterprise venues. It said: “This network can be used for both 4G and 5G equipment and runs completely autonomously at the customer location.”

It continued: “This gives large business customers more autonomy, [and means] all data remains local and [is subject to] the highest possible availability guarantees. For example, the network capacity can be fully allocated to certain mission-critical applications, such as controlling autonomous vehicles and robots or augmented reality applications.” KPN is offering to handle the design and management of the systems. There is no word on equipment partners.

Chantal Vergouw, in charge of KPN’s enterprise business, said: “We want to be at the forefront of 5G connectivity and relevant applications [for] customers. We do this with our existing networks and we can now offer the right solution with KPN Campus to all business customers with mission and business-critical processes. We can also unburden you in the field of private 5G, so that Dutch businesses can reap the benefits of digitalization in an environment that always has to do it.”

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