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In the world of first responders, connectivity outages during emergencies disrupt communication and even put lives at risk. The use of dual-modem routers in vehicles is a proactive measure that helps ensure 24/7 connectivity.

Join Cradlepoint as we discuss best practices for minimizing network disruptions:

  • Using dual SIM and dual modem technology to keep vehicles connected.
  • Best practices for hardware and software configuration options.
  • How SD-WAN and bonding can provide superior connections.
  • Examples of organizations that have had success you can emulate


“Good speakers, common problems, not too much tech language.”

“I learned about the technology that is available and what is coming up in the future.”

“I enjoyed the practice case study sharing.”



L – R – Jason Johnston, Armand Lemoyne, Tim Gardner

Born and raised here in Idaho, Jason Johnston has been an IT professional for over twenty years. Double J as we all call him … mastered everything Cradlepoint while developing, deploying, and maintaining a Mobile Data Terminal solution for a local municipalities police and fire departments.

Armand Lemoyne has been a sworn member of the Los Angeles Police Department since 1996. During his career he has held assignments in patrol, traffic enforcement, bicycle patrol and information technology. He has served as a patrol officer, traffic officer, field training officer, patrol supervisor, and subject matter expert and Department instructor for Training Evaluation And Management System (TEAMS II) subsystems and body worn video. Sergeant Lemoyne is currently the Officer In Charge of the Department’s Body Worn Video, Digital In-Car Video and Automated License Plate Recognition programs.

Tim Gardner is a seasoned Fire Captain with over 37 years of experience in the first responder domain. He specializes in technology and spearheads training initiatives on cutting-edge systems and applications such as Cradlepoint, Motorola Premiere One Solutions, Dell 5130 MDT, CF-31 MDT, Survey123, Quick Capture, and Avenza Software. Tim’s expertise extends to disaster response, having been a pivotal member of the FEMA Rescue Task Force since 2006, where he served in various roles including Intel officer/Plans Manager. Tim has responded to numerous natural and man-made disasters, including Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Ike, the Colorado Flooding of 2013, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, the Campfire, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Dorian, the Covid-19 Pandemic, Hurricane Ida, Lincoln County Flooding of 2023, and the Muai Wildfires. Outside of his professional life, Tim cherishes his role as a husband, father of five children, and grandfather to two grandchildren.

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