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Prevent outages with built-in network resilience

To avoid fallout from internet connectivity outages, here’s what you need to do.


Our world today is defined by digital dependence and constant connectivity, and enterprises face many challenges, including cyber threats and infrastructure vulnerabilities. Robust network resilience has never been more crucial. As a cellular connectivity provider at the forefront of mobile and IoT connectivity, we understand the importance of safeguarding against disruptions, and our solutions are geared for this. Here’s how.

Resilience refers to a network’s ability to detect, respond to, recover from, and adapt to faults and challenges to normal operation without downtime or functionality loss. It is crucial for success and longevity.

David Farquharson, founder and CEO of iONLINE Connected Networks, an enterprise private LTE/5G provider supplying IoT connectivity solutions globally, likens a lack of network resilience to trying to drive a car without fuel: it simply won’t move and is a risky game to play.

He says: “Clients are looking to grow, expand, and scale their businesses and without network resilience, their operations can come to a complete standstill. This impacts not only the availability of their products but also their brand reputation and financial performance.”

A resilience plan is essential to mitigate risks, Farquharson adds.

“This is where our role becomes critical. By providing resilient solutions, we prepare our customers for the inevitable challenges, ensuring that, when faced with disruptions, they can continue to operate smoothly.”

Resilience failure in real life

Farquharson exemplifies this with the recent widespread outage experienced by AT&T in the USA, which left thousands of companies without connectivity.

“In the USA, our solution aggregates all three major carriers, enabling multi-carrier resilience on a single SIM. So, when AT&T’s network went down recently, our clients experienced zero downtime. As an example, one of our clients is NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. At the time of this AT&T outage, NOAA was able to continue reporting on weather systems and patterns and provide forecasts and warnings without interruption – crucial information on which a lot of people depend. Without the resilience of our solution, this would not have been the case.”

A similar situation was also seen recently when the subsea cables off the African coast were severed. “Thousands of companies went down when their supporting network was impacted, but iONLINE’s network did not,” Farquharson explains. “Our connectivity solution continued unhindered. Our SIMs can connect to multiple carriers, with multiple breakouts to different links, making our network highly resilient. This allowed us to maintain connectivity for our clients.”

iONLINE FlexiSIM network resilience

iONLINE recently launched FlexiSIM™, its intelligent network switching (eUICC) SIM, in the USA. Offering multi-network resilience, FlexiSIM provides local and global connectivity, always ensuring the best connection, regardless of location. It connects in more than 189 countries, on over 700 carriers.

FlexiSIM: an ideal solution for enterprises

FlexiSIM is a network IoT SIM with tens of thousands of unique connectivity options differentiated by country, carrier, interconnect, breakout, price, and more. While traditional global SIMs break out at a single location, FlexiSIM breaks out locally in-country, decreasing latency and improving performance. It can be remotely updated with new carrier information over the air, controlling in which countries and to which carriers it can connect.

Several international organizations already benefit from FlexiSIM, including NOAA, Fujifilm, AIoTSense, and Fidelity ADT. Fidelity ADT is the largest security services provider to large-scale enterprises in Southern Africa. They use thousands of FlexiSIM SIM cards to run their operations and keep their staff, the public, and the assets in their care safe. This includes critical infrastructure such as airports, government, health and education departments, as well as hospitality venues, casinos, shopping centres, and residential housing estates and their occupants.

Resilience cannot be overlooked

“The recent massive outages in the USA and Africa are a stark reminder of the importance of network resilience,” says Farquharson. “Connectivity is so much more than a service; it’s the lifeline of modern enterprises; fueling operations, empowering innovation and connecting us globally. iONLINE is proud that, amid widespread disruptions, our clients remained not just operational but ahead of the pack, flourishing where others faltered.”

iONLINE founder and CEO David Farquharson with FlexiSIM

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