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RTL Deutschland is the first company in Germany to supply its production studios with 5G via its own standalone network. Deutsche Telekom’s ‘Campus-Netz Private’ (Private Campus Network) business solution will make TV production even more flexible – for example by enabling the use of wireless cameras both inside and outside the studios.

The in-house network provides a customised infrastructure for optimised performance in dynamic environments. The 5G architecture supports data-intensive applications with ultra-short response times, enabling fast data processing. In addition to wireless cameras, the network will also enable the use of wireless microphones, a wireless intercom and dedicated access to the internet. Other production-relevant systems will also be trialled via 5G.

Matthias Dang, Chief Commercial, Technology & Data Officer at RTL Deutschland, says: “At RTL Deutschland, we produce must-see content in outstanding quality. In partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we are now operating an independent 5G mobile network at our broadcasting centre in Cologne, to bring our high-reach content to our viewers and users even more conveniently and efficiently. This is the next step in our innovation partnership.”

Klaus Werner, Managing Director for Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland, says: “RTL is an innovative partner with whom we can jointly develop our products and solutions and bring them to the market. Thanks to its network architecture with 5G standalone technology, the 5G Private Campus Network fulfils the high requirements of live TV production, including important functions such as minimum response times and high bandwidths.”

Maximum performance for the UEFA EURO

For the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024, during which RTL Deutschland is already in a production partnership with Deutsche Telekom, the 5G network will be extended to a site directly next to RTL Deutschland’s broadcasting centre in Cologne. Here, matches will be streamed live for the public to watch via the 5G campus network. This will ensure a flawless live broadcast – even if each member of the public is using his or her mobile phone. Together with Deutsche Telekom, RTL Deutschland previously trialled a technology network slicing solution, enabling high-quality live videos from smartphones to be broadcast via a 5G connection.

Uninterrupted coverage, flexibility & full control

The 5G campus network will cover a total area of 35,000 square metres, which includes two of RTL Deutschland’s studios and public space surrounding RTL Deutschland’s offices – ensuring uninterrupted coverage both indoors and outdoors. The 5G network operates independently from the public mobile network and is installed locally on site, meaning all data traffic remains in the private network. Alongside the active system technology and core network, a total of six antennas have been installed – two outdoors and four indoors.

High upload bandwidths of around 500 megabits per second will be used for live productions. The delay rate will not exceed 25 milliseconds and the network operates on frequencies reserved specifically for RTL Deutschland in the 3.7 to 3.8 gigahertz range – meaning up to 100 megahertz are available exclusively for broadcasting. RTL Deutschland can customise the private network and manage various functions on-demand, meaning data traffic can be prioritised for specific applications. The closed system is reliable and has a high level of data security. The network continues to function reliably even in the event of an interruption to the cloud-based management portal – meaning RTL Deutschland will benefit from guaranteed and continuous availability.

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