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The business communications landscape is evolving at a record pace. New trends, like demand for hybrid work, the adoption of AI, and a heightened focus on delivering exceptional customer experience is affecting how enterprises purchase new solutions.

Increasing, business leaders are searching for channel partners that can not only help them increase agility through streamlined migrations into the cloud, but also unify their critical resources. This presents an excellent opportunity for partners to enhance their recurring revenue, increase customer loyalty, and facilitate growth, by bundling cloud solutions.

Combining UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), and CCaaS (Contact Center as a service) into a single platform could give you the edge you need in a competitive market. In fact, 75% of organizations now say the convergence is these tools is a must-have.

Here’s why you should consider the benefits of bundling in 2024.

1. Simplify the Cloud Migration Process

Cloud adoption is increasing, as companies search for ways to empower hybrid and remote workers, align teams, and ensure ongoing agility. For channel partners, opportunities reselling traditional legacy tools and systems are diminishing. Shifting your focus to the cloud opens the door to new avenues of revenue, allowing you to act as a crucial migration partner for evolving organizations.

While there’s revenue to be made offering standalone UCaaS and CCaaS offerings, bundling these two platforms into a single package can enhance your value to end customers. More companies than ever before are embracing combined solutions, to reduce operational costs, improve productivity, and turbocharge their CX strategies.

Giving your clients the opportunity to align their UCaaS and CCaaS systems, without the need to purchase offerings from a range of providers, can give you an edge in the channel partner market.

2. Empower End Users to Unlock Greater Productivity

Churn rates in the XaaS (Everything as a Service) industry are growing, as organizations attempt to accomplish more with less, by consolidating their technology stack. One of the best ways to retain your customers as a channel partner, is to ensure you’re empowering teams to achieve their goals.

By combining UCaaS and CCaaS, you can help enterprise customers navigate challenges like the shift to hybrid work, ensuring team members in any environment can access the same tools, collaborate, and work together on a unified strategy for customer success.

What’s more, because a unified solution combines all of the resources teams need for success into one unified platform, you can help companies eliminate issues like context switching, and improve productivity and efficiency levels. Greater productivity leads to reduced operational costs, higher potential for profit, and a better user experience. All of these things will help boost the “stickiness” of your offer, and ensure you can retain your crucial clients.

3. Boost End-User ROI by with Enhanced CX

Every company, no matter which industry they serve, is focusing more heavily on the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences. While a powerful CCaaS solution can help companies to achieve their goals, unifying CCaaS and UCaaS can have a greater impact on customer experience.

By offering your end-users a unified solution, you can ensure contact center agents, back-office employees, and subject matter experts can collaborate holistically on a strategy for capturing, converting, and retaining clients.

Yeastar’s Head of Global Sales, Arya Zhou says: “When team members and technology are aligned, business leaders benefit from more satisfied customers and higher retention rates. This further validates the value you’re offering as a channel partner, improving your ability to build long-lasting relationships with your own clients.”

4. Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

On a fundamental level, combining UCaaS and CCaaS unlocks new opportunities for revenue. It empowers channel partners to appeal to both companies in search of unified communication and collaboration solutions, and contact center technology.

However, with the right vendor, channel partners can also explore new opportunities for revenue growth, by allowing companies to access comprehensive upgrades that enhance their entire cloud solution. For instance, you can provide access to omnichannel messaging capabilities to companies that want to expand how they connect with their target audience.

You can empower teams to take advantage of AI for both employee guidance and customer support, with intuitive add-ons and integrations. If you provide teams with comprehensive analytical and reporting tools, you can also give them the insights they need to make strategic decisions about when and how to scale, which new technologies to use, and where to focus their attention.

5. Protect Customers with Enhanced Security

The focus on security and compliance in business communications is growing, as new regulatory guidelines and threats emerge. Companies are relying on their channel partners to help them navigate the risks in the cloud landscape. Unifying UCaaS and CCaaS can help with this.

First, a combined UCaaS and CCaaS solution allows companies to maintain a holistic insight into all of their data, potential security threats and risks. Secondly, with the right cloud platform vendor, you’ll be able to access a portal where you can monitor issues in real-time for your customers.

You can set up automated notifications and alerts for specific threats, remotely manage and update customer technology in an instant, and defend your clients. This not only improves customer experience, but also helps to elevate your reputation as a channel partner.

Unlock Greater Revenue with Combined UCaaS and CCaaS

The convergence of cloud communications and contact center solutions is becoming a common trend in the business technology landscape. Every organization wants to find ways to reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance customer experience, and leverage data more effectively.

By selling UCaaS and CCaaS together, you can increase your value in the eyes of end-users, and unlock new avenues of recurring, predictable revenue.

All you need to do is find a technology vendor that simplifies the path to convergence. Yeastar’s comprehensive cloud-based PBX solutions streamline the integration of UCaaS and CCaaS technologies, and empower channel partners to deliver highly customized solutions to end users.

With this all-in-one solution, cloud service providers can easily explore new opportunities, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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