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In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Alex Kotler, SVP of Sales and Partnerships at POND IoT, joins Ryan Chacon to discuss combining satellite and cellular IoT. The conversation covers the concept of multi-IMSI SIM cards that provide seamless connectivity across multiple networks in various countries, beneficial for devices like billboards, ATM machines, and kiosks, the integration of cellular and satellite IoT for applications such as shipping and agriculture, network outages and the importance of redundancy, the challenges of IoT deployment, and educating customers about IoT.

About Alex Kotler

Alex Kotler is the SVP of Sales and Partnerships at POND IoT. Alex has extensive experience in the mobile industry, having worked in various roles across the major mobile network operators – AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Alex has played a pivotal role in increasing net revenue retention and customer satisfaction at POND IoT, while also opening new distribution channels.

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About POND IoT

POND IoT is a dynamic provider of IoT solutions. They offer global multi-IMSI SIM cards with extensive network coverage, internet failover solutions, and IoT & M2M connectivity with flexible data plans. Their major focus is around providing MVNO as a service as well as retail solutions with connectivity-to-POS terminals, vending machines, and ATMs. They also offer custom device manufacturing for all kinds of IoT applications and have added support for Starlink together with Peplink.

Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:

(00:43) Introduction to Alex Kotler and POND IoT

(03:21) Combining satellite and cellular IoT

(05:09) The future of satellite and cellular IoT

(06:47) Satellite, cellular, or satellite AND cellular?

(08:15) Network outages, AT&T, and redundancy

(10:31) Assessing the outage risk of an IoT solution

(11:52) Challenges of working with customers in IoT

(17:07) IoT customer case study: cheap is expensive

(19:00) Learn more and follow up

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