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In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Staffan Eriksson, Head of IoT Connectivity at Telia Company, joins Ryan Chacon to discuss the current state of 5G in IoT. The conversation covers how 5G empowers IoT use cases, the benefits and challenges of 5G in IoT, the fate of 4G and LTE, how 5G and IoT will develop together, building the 5G ecosystem, real-world examples of 5G, advice for IoT companies considering 5G, hybrid connectivity and satellite, and the future of 5G.

About Staffan Eriksson

Staffan Eriksson is the Head of IoT Connectivity at Telia Company. With more than a decade of experience in the IoT and telecom industries, Staffan has worked across business, technology, strategy, and execution. While managing the IoT connectivity portfolio at Telia, he abides by the principle that scalability needs simplicity.

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About Telia Company

Telia Company is a technology pioneer that has been digitalizing society for the past 170 years. Today, their 19,000 employees help to serve 25 million customers across the Nordic and Baltic regions with essential digital infrastructure and services that are fundamental enablers of the modern world.

Within IoT, they have a focus on IoT for the real world. They digitalize businesses, products, and operations by delivering proven IoT solutions and connectivity for a broad range of companies and industries. Whether you need reliable LPWAN or fast and performant connectivity, locally or globally, Telia has you covered.

Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:

(00:09) Introduction to Staffan Eriksson and Telia Company

(00:57) The state of 5G in IoT

(03:20) 5G use cases in IoT

(04:35) Benefits and drawbacks of 5G in IoT

(06:23) What will happen to 4G and LTE?

(07:39) What’s next for 5G and IoT?

(08:12) Building the 5G ecosystem

(09:54) Real-world applications and testing of 5G in IoT

(13:52) Advice for IoT companies considering 5G

(16:40) Hybrid connectivity and the role of satellite

(18:05) The future of 5G

(19:26) Learn more and follow up

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